Premium Website Subscription

The NTS Center for Pastoral Leadership (CPL), through our premier and user-friendly website, offers excellent and timely resources for our pastoral corps, enabling them to continue to grow and develop as persons, ministers, and leaders throughout the entire arc of their careers. With the growing number of resources that our website offers, members will annually be able to complete all 20 hours of the lifelong learning requirement mandated by the Church of the Nazarene, and other denominations, on our website! Not only that, but as members complete an online course/resource, we will provide them certificates of completion on demand, as well as (in the future) report the credits received to their participating district office. A full summary of membership benefits is provided below. We invite you to subscribe TODAY!


  • You will be able to annually complete all 20 hours of the lifelong learning requirement on our website!
  • You will have access to all of the webinars we regularly offer (live and archived content).
  • You will have access to our full library of current and archived lifelong learning resources and courses.
  • We will provide comprehensive reporting of lifelong learning credits that you receive
    • Members will receive “Certificates of Completion”
    • CPL will also auto-report credits earned to your participating district office.
  • You will have local and remote access to the NTS library, including: Library Brochure
    • ATLA (The American Theological Library Association)
    • EBSCO Database (e-research content and search technologies)
  • You will receive a copy of MS Office 365 for 5 PCs and 5 Mobile Devices (during subscription period).
  • You will receive a 20% discount to the annual NTS Preachers Conference.
  • Plus, you will have access to even more free resources that will continuously be added and be available on the CPL website, including financial helps and more.